Cleansing Your Home with Smudge Sticks

Before Cleansing:

  • Clean & unclutter your home
  • Open your windows so that the negative energy can leave
  • Make sure you are not in a bad mood or mind is not full of negative thoughts. Think only positive thoughts.
  • Set your intention & plan on repeating it out loud while letting the smudge stick burns (For example: Bless my home with peace, prosperity, and abundance.)


During cleansing:

  • Begin at the front door of your home and move counter clock wise, letting the smoke hit every space & corner possible of your home. Closets, counter spaces, and other small spaces included.
  • Repeat a mantra or prayer while letting the smoke burn. Speaking your intentions or goals into existence and into your space.


After cleansing:

  • Safely put the sage out in a fire proof bowl such as an abalone shell or ashtray, and make sure it is no longer lit or burning.
  • Give gratitude. Know & have faith that everything you need and desire is already done & will come into fruition in divine timing.


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