What is Seven's Serenity?

Hello! My name is Alysia and I do consider myself a "self-care enthusiasts" because peace is SO important and necessary to me. I believe that everyone is worthy and capable of attaining peace, prosperity, and whatever else in the Universe one's heart may desire.
My business name Seven's Serenity derives from many things that are near and dear to me. My favorite number has always been number: seven.
  • My great-grandmother was born on November 7th, 1935
  • The number Seven was also used 735 times in the bible
  • My daughter was also born on the 7th day of February.
  • My Life Path number is 7
  • Seven is the number of completeness and perfection- It's meaning derives from God's creation of all things.


The word Serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
The goal of meditation is to reach a state of serenity, when your mind is still and perfectly calm. I believe that gaining that balance and tranquility with your mind, body, and soul is the key to ultimate wellness and happiness.
For many months, I prayed and probed my brain for the perfect name for my business. Something that would symbolize and represent exactly what I wanted to present to the world, but more importantly to my customers, potential customers, and anyone who is interested in finding or coming into their peace while I come into my own.
I hope Seven's Serenity can be beneficial and an abundance of resourcefulness to you in your spiritual journey.

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