Black Onyx Crystal

Black Onyx Crystal

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How to use:

Always cleanse your crystals first and foremost! This can be done simply by rinsing them in cold water or cleansing them with smoke from burning sage. Secondly, program your crystal. Set an intention for each crystal- this can be a tangible goal or a part of your body (chakras) you wish to heal. Leave your crystals near you- in your purse/wallet, car, office, kitchen, bathroom, etc- so that you can tap into their energy often. Meditate with them either in your hands or over your chakras to become more connected and for deeper healing. Cleanse periodically or whenever your intuition tells you it is time.

Benefits & Properties:

Black Onyx is a powerful protection and grounding stone. Helps to prevent draining of energy and encourages strength and self-confidence. Aids in the development of emotional and physical health during times of stress, grieving, or confusion. Black Onyx also promotes happiness and good fortune and helps one to become the master of their own future.

Chakra: Root


  • Sleep with this crystal under your pillow to aid in dreaming and steady rest.
  • During meditation to assist in grounding.
  • Near your work space to avoid feelings of tiredness or exhaustion.