Tumbled Rose Quartz

Tumbled Rose Quartz

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How to use:

Always cleanse your crystals first and foremost! This can be done simply by rinsing them in cold water or cleansing them with smoke from burning sage. Secondly, program your crystal. Set an intention for each crystal- this can be a tangible goal or a part of your body (chakras) you wish to heal. Leave your crystals near you- in your purse/wallet, car, office, kitchen, bathroom, etc- so that you can tap into their energy often. Meditate with them either in your hands or over your chakras to become more connected and for deeper healing. Cleanse periodically or whenever your intuition tells you it is time.

Benefits & Properties:

Rose Quartz is the love stone- divine love, self-love, romantic love, platonic love, etc.- It enhances all areas of the heart as it vibrates with tenderness and peace. It’s nurturing energy instills a deep sense of self-acceptance and can open you up to new love and romance, and also soothe heartache of love lost. It strengthens bonds of family and platonic love, creating harmony and boosting relationships. 
Use this crystal to find emotional balance in times of transition and to clear suppressed or wounded emotions, gently opening the heart. It is also believed that the Rose Quartz supports fertility, wards off nightmares, and soothes tension.

Chakra: Higher Heart + Heart 


  •  Hold Rose Quartz while meditating to soothe emotional trauma and strengthen positive affirmations
  • Keep on your nightstand to draw new love or deepen love and commitment with partner
  • Ward off negativity and create environment of peace and comfort